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Cross platform firmware/software platform written by students, alumni, and faculty of San Jose State University. Designed for the original purpose of helping students develop firmware for the SJTwo board, but has grown to be so much more.

SJSU-Dev2 is an easy to use modern and modular C++ firmware development platform. With the aim of making the development of embedded applications easier to build, easier to test, easier to maintain and easier to port ot other platforms. The target platforms would be RISC-V MCUs, 32-bit ARM microcontrollers, single board linux systems such as Rasberry Pi, Beagle Bone black and other.


SJSU-Dev2 is still in its beta stages and is still growing as a project. We have yet to onboard an ARM micrcontroller that wasn't apart of the LPC line, nor have we onboarded a linux single board computer. These are expected to be introduced to the platform by the end of 2020.