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Presubmit Checks

Before anything is merged into SJSU-Dev2, various health and system checks are preformed. These are called "presubmit" checks.

The presubmit checks will build, test, check the style of the code in order to prevent regressions and keep the code clean and consistent in an automated way.

Running presubmit checks

To run the whole set of presubmit checks, you MUST be in the SJSU-Dev2/projects/continuous_integration project. Then from there, run make presubmit. If you see this:

| Everything looks good here |
|                            |
|           (⌐▪_▪)           |
|                            |
|      You may commit        |

Then you passed.

If you see something like this:

|        None of this!       |
|                            |
|        (╯°□ °)╯︵ ┻━┻      |
|                            |
|      Don't commit this     |
|                            |
| Code style must conform ✔  |
|   Commit must be clean ✔   |
|     Tests must pass ✘      |
|     Code must build ✔      |
|                            |

Then it failed and each X represents an area that you need to fix.

Project Building

Build all projects and verify that any changes to the code do not break projects at compile time. This cannot verify if the project works as expected.

Unit Testing

Build and run every unit test in SJSU-Dev2 to verify that the logic and behavior of each library works as intended and has not been broken by a change in the code.


Linting code is the process of running a program, in this case we use Google's script, to evaluate each source file to make sure that they conform to our coding style standards as well as do some rudimentary checks for code practices that may be dangerous or produce bugs.

Cpplint follows the Google C++ style guide. The google cpplint repository can be found here.

To lint the source code of your project as well as the SJSU-Dev2 libraries, in your project directory, run make lint. If there are any errors found you should go in and fix them yourself or you can use clang-format to do much of the formatting work for you.


Clang-format is a code formatting tool that will refactor your code for you. Clang-format is installed by the setup script in SJSU-Dev2. If the clang-format command is not present on your machine, try pulling the latest master branch and try running the setup script again.

To refactor your code with clang-format, all you have to do is run the following: clang-format -i <path/to/file>. The -i flag means you want to do an in place refactor. If you want to run this command, but you don't want this to change your file, you can omit the -i flag and it will dump the refactored text to stdout. You can use io redirects to dump to a file and review if the changes are to your liking.


The code base will be evaluated for missing documentation or incorrect documentation syntax. This test does not appear in the presubmit checks, as it would require that install doxygen on every system. If you install doxygen, then you can run this by running tools/ The program will list all of the documentation errors at the end of the program.