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Left to Right Code Readability Technique

Take the following as an example:

sjsu::lpc40xx::Gpio button_pin(0, 1);

Now, the above is a bit verbose, but as you can tell its pretty easy to understand what is happening. Reading from left to right, you see that we are using an sjsu library specifically. Then we go into the scope of lpc40xx peripheral drivers. Lastly we pick the Gpio peripheral as our object type. and finally, the name button_pin which tells you exactly what this variable is being used for. Keeping the code in this form makes it easy to tell what it is you are using.


Reading from left to right, we see that we are taking the button pin, acquiring the underlining pin object from within the Gpio object, then using that object to set the pin's mode, such as pull up, pull down, etc etc. We can even tell with the mode name what it is we are doing. In sjsu::Pin::Mode::kPullUp we see that we are using sjsu's Pin library and within that is a list (enum) of Modes. In this case we want to use the Pull Up mode.