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Creating a Project

The default starter projects that can be found in the projects/ directory are:

  • project/hello_world: Simple project that prints hello world continuously.
  • project/starter: An empty template project for use in creating new projects.
  • project/barebones: An empty project with ALMOST ALL features turned off and highest size optimizations turn on. Used to see the size of the barest version of an application is.

Creating a new project

To create a project, simply copy the starter project folder, paste it somewhere on your computer, and rename it. The folder can be placed anywhere on the computer. Now you can edit the source/main.cpp, add files, edit the configuration files, etc.

Details About Projects

Mandatory project files and folders

Each of the following files are needed in your project directory:

  • Makefile: required for running make.
  • source/main.cpp: required for building executables.
    • Must have a definition of int main() or the build will fail.

Optional files/folders

  • Used to configure the build of a project. Read the comments of the source file to get a better understanding of what can be changed: projects/starter/
  • test/: A place to hold test files.
  • project_config.hpp: configure aspects of the applications code such as, log level, number of fatfs drives, whether or not to store error messages within exception objects and more. See config.hpp for the complete list of configuration options. See hello_world/'s project_config.hpp for an example of how to use this.

Build Folder

The build folder contains all of the files generated from running make commands. For example, running make application will result in .o (object files), .a static library files, .bin (binary file), .elf (extended link file) and more build artifacts being generated.