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Design Philosophy

SJSU-Dev2 is a development platform, and not a software framework, not just a set of libraries, but a platform for developing firmware for 1 or more microcontrollers.


  1. Simple
  2. Light Weight
  3. Multi Platform
  4. Builds Fast
  5. Tested & Testable
  6. Anti-Framework


SJSU-Dev2 should be powerful yet simple. The code should be:

  • Readable
  • Intuitive
  • Easy to learn

Thus the the stylistic choices in the style guide and layer guides were made.

Light Weight

You ONLY pay for what you use!

Techniques used in SJSU-Dev2 must always limit the amount of unused code or data that gets linked into the final binary REGARDLESS of optimization level. Reducing such bloat can come in the form of optimizing the number of methods an interface contains, or reducing the amount of data required to configure a peripheral. See the techniques section for more various guides on how to do this.


SJSU-Dev2 was built to allow development on any platform. This means any sort of microcontroller, processor, or system. Developers should be able to readily and easily build firmware applications for various microcontrollers in a single project. One can choose to focus a single project towards a specific supported microcontroller or they can choose to write a single project that can build for multiple microcontrollers.

See demos/multiplatform/dual_platforms for an example of how to do this.

Builds Fast

Decisions, such as using header-only implementations for library code, were made to make the build system as fast as possible by reducing the number of invocations of the GCC compiler.

The following have been used to greatly reduce the time required to compile code.

  • Reducing the allowable headers
  • Reduced use of complex templates
  • Use of static precompiled libraries

The faster you can build the faster you can prototype, the faster you can hit your deadlines.

Tested & Testable

SJSU-Dev2's code base is and must stay thoroughly tested. This ensures that the behavior of the code does not change when changes to the codebase occur. This makes refactoring and optimizing code easier as an error made in refactoring will result in a failed test.

But not only can the SJSU-Dev2's libraries be tested but so can its projects. SJSU-Dev2 comes with a testing suite that help developers test their applications. There is effort put in to make this as easy as possible to embolden developers to test more of their application code.


SJSU-Dev2 aims to be an anti-framework. It does not aim to constrain you to a specific design philosophy. You can choose to omit using an OS, you can choose to build an event loop architecture (similar to JS), or you can choose to something more akin to a multi master bus system. Whatever you'd like to use for your own design philosophy, you choose, and we will try to design libraries that enable this.